RIEPE LPZ/II (RI 001) – Release Agent

Product description

Release agent Riepe is used in edgebanding machines before pre-milling.


  • prevents the adhesion of emerging adhesive onto the workpiece


LPZ/II is liquid colourless agent based on ethanol. It is compatible with all commercially available edge bands and adhesives. It cannot be used for veneer edges.

Ignition temperature 425 °C (not self-igniting)
Consumption <1 l per fine nozzle per 5000 running metres


It is sprayed onto the upper and lower edge area of the workpiece.

For detailed information see the Technical and Safety Data Sheet.

Packaging and storage:

Keep container tightly closed. Store in cool and dry place.

Available in 10 L and 30 L.

Safety Data Sheet SDS_RI001_EN_HRUK