Hraniclean 01 cleaning liquid

Product description


The special cleaning agent Hraniclean 01 can be used for manual cleaning of furniture parts from adhesive residue, descriptions by pen and alcohol felt-tip markers. It leaves no greasy traces, does not contain aggressive solvents and it has nice citrus smell.


  • manual cleaning
  • cleaning of plastic
  • cleaning of adhesive residue
  • cleaning of pen and alcohol felt-tip markers


This special clear cleanser Hraniclean 01 without aggressive solvents for manual cleaning plastics is characterized by strong cleaning power, fast drying of the surface. It is based on hydrocarbons and alcohol, evaporates without any residues and nice citrus smell.

It can be used further, for clean a glue, pencil as well as alcohol marker pen.

It is suitable for most surfaces except acrylate.


For cleaning with Hraniclean 01, it is advisable to use microfiber Hraniwipe or alternatively a paper towel can be used. Test before using.

For detailed information see the Technical and Safety Data Sheet of the product.

Available in 1 L, 5 L, 20 L

Safety Data Sheet SDS_01_EN_HRUK

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