Particleboard P2
Multi-purpose material
Particleboard (sometimes known as chipboard) is a multi-purpose material and one of the most widely-used wood-based panels. Particleboard is an engineered wood-based product manufactured from wood chip particles and a synthetic binding resin. We form the board in a press using heat and pressure.

The main customers for particleboard are the furniture manufacturing and refurbishment sectors. Ideal for internal components, the product can also be coated with a decorative surface for applications such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office furniture and shelving.

Available sizes:

12 x 2070 x 2650
15 x 2070 x 2650
16 x 2070 x 2650
18 x 2070 x 2650
22 x 2070 x 2800
25 x 2070 x 2650

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